BERVEL GmbH Hardware Production Company is a worldwide leader in professional fastening systems and products. Two large industrial plants work under the management of the company’s headquarters located in Berlin; they manufacture products of the BERVEL® trade mark:


  • Metric fasteners production plant with additional facilities for application of protective coatings, including hot coating

  • Construction and electrotechnical fasteners production plant

The range of products manufactured by BERVEL GmbH plants includes the following types of fasteners among other items: hot-dipped galvanized fasteners, bolts, high-strength bolts, screws, nuts, high-strength nuts, washers, self-tapping screws, dowel items, anchor items, rivets, nails, and tackles of different types and purpose.


A worldwide network of subsidiaries and a refined logistics system in each of the countries BERVEL GmbH supplies, provide maximum optimization of supply and pricing on regional markets.


Today BERVEL GmbH is a multibusiness company manufacturing professional fasteners for almost all market segments. The uncompromising quality of its products and constant introduction of innovative developments enable BERVEL® to hold one of the leading positions on the worldwide market of professional fasteners.




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