BERVEL GmbH is one of the leading companies in high quality fastener production. All products are manufactured by means of the most modern equipment with advanced technologies applied.

High-strength fastener plant BERVEL® has a unique technological and manufacturing base for fastener and cold-drawn steel production. BERVEL® products are high demand in all branches of industry, especially in the civil and industrial construction, power, transport and automobile construction industries and conform to the world standards ISO and DIN.

Today BERVEL® is a plant with complete production cycle and 70.000 tons of fastener and cold-drawn steel annual output. The following products are manufactured under the registered BERVEL® trademark:

  • bolts (5.8-12.9 strengthclass);
  • nuts;
  • washers;
  • cold-drawn steel in bars and coils.

Our plant provides the following types of protective coatings: zinc-flake coating and hot-dip galvanizing for fasteners and phosphate coating for cold-drawn steel (cold heading).

In order to guarantee the quality of manufactured products all research and tests are made in the accredited Research and Development plant laboratory. All products are subject to obligatory certification of conformity to the international standards.

BERVEL® is committed to full compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and sees its ecological mission in environmental protection and pollution reduction.

Our main ecological principles are as follows:

  • Use energy and natural resources economically and rationally;
  • Prevent environmental pollution;
  • Integrate new technological processes and equipment conforming to all the environmental protection regulations;
  • As waste-free as possible production.

All equipment conforms to Euro-6 standards and all in-plant transport is electrically driven.

BERVEL® is regarded one of the leading enterprises in the fastener industry for the quality of manufactured products, development of new products and innovations in thein dustry. Our company aims at further development and improvement of new technologies and products.



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