Cold-drawn carbon steel in coils BERVEL®

General specifications:

  • Application: used for general engineering purposes, for manufacture of a wide variety of parts, products, machine components and mechanisms
  • Accuracy degree: h10, h11, h12
  • Diameter, mm: 14-30
  • Steel grade: C10, C22, C35E, C40E, C45E, C50E
  • Surface quality grade: B, C
  • Winding: right
  • Weight: up to 2.5 tons
  • Heat treatment: untreated, bright annealed (spheroidize annealing)
  • Coating: phosphate, stearate
  • Packing: Coils wrapped in corrosion inhibiting material/ coils tied up with steel straps

Cold-drawn carbon steel in coils DIN EN ISO 16120-2-2011, DIN EN ISO 16120-3-2011, ISO 16120-2:2011; DIN EN 10025-1-2005, ISO 630-1:2011, ISO 683-1:2016